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DSM-5 for the Culture

This course will focus on using the DSM-5 with the respect to minority communities’ cultural impacts. While the DSM provides much information to provide an adequate diagnosing, it does not cover much of the cultural components and traditions respectfully to Black and People of Color communities which in turn can lead to an incorrect diagnosis in regard to understanding trauma, religion, and what is considered abnormal behaviors.

Each community will have 8 webinars focusing on the most used diagnosis and will expand to the entire DSM in the near future.

Objectives include:

• Understanding DSM-5 language and how to properly diagnosis using the DSM-5

• Learning how cultural background and history can impact mental health and treatment.

• Questions to ask respective individuals in minority communities to gain insight before diagnosing.

• How culture can define what is abnormal behavior and what is normal

Webinar Series

Each community will have their own series of 8 webinars focusing specifically on one diagnostic category.

DSM-5: The Black Way

The series will focus on the Black/African American community as they have the highest numbers of misdiagnosis and untreated individuals compared to other communities. Anxiety Disorders will be the focus for the next several months highlighting the most common anxiety disorders that are often overlooked in Black/African American communities.

Meet the Facilitator

Patrice Nicole Douglas PsyD, LMFT, is a Licensed Psychotherapist based in Southern California. She is the owner of Empire Counseling & Consultation located in multiple states, She specializes in many subsets of psychology, including anxiety, addiction, relationship health, and multicultural issues. Her world view and understanding of Black and brown issues has stationed Patrice as a leading expert whose words and work is referenced by such publications as Forbes, Cosmopolitan, VICE, Oprah Magazine, HelloGiggles, and many others. She was featured in Cosmopolitan as one of the Black Relationship Experts to follow on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the positives to classes and live webinars is the Q & A, while this will be a recorded webinar, your purchase will include a live 2 hour Q & A on the section that is currently released to be able to ask questions, do a little consultation or whatever you need.

Because of the extensive information that will be discussed in these webinars, I will be limiting how many people can sign up for the webinar at a time so that the Q & A sessions won’t be packed and everyone can be provided time to ask questions.

The first webinar will be $40 and the other ones will be $35 per webinar. You don’t have to purchase them all but it order to fully understand the cultural components of each community, it is recommended to do the complete series. Also, the 1st webinar discusses historical information about the community so it is strongly advised to participate in the 1st webinar. You will have 1-2 weeks to view the webinar before it disappears.
Yes! I am happy to announce that you will receive CEUs for each webinar depending; amount of CEUs is depending on the length of the webinar so more information will be given soon. The CEUs will be provided by Mercedes Samudio, LCSW ACEP #6975. For more information please email admin@diversityparenting.org

The 1st series will be DSM-5: The Black Way which will be focusing on the Black/African American communities and will start in February 2021 in honor of Black History month. It will release around February 19th and you have a week to review and listen to the webinar before the live Q & A to take place on March 6th (time TBA).

More information to come, the link to sign up and get registered will be posted some time in the middle of January. I am giving yall notice now because I know the holidays be snatching up our coins so this will give you time to prepare. The only way to register and be kept in the loop will either be the website or these email blasts so make sure I am not in your SPAM folders.